Igor Dumchykov

Senior Staff Software Engineer


10 years experience developing web applications. Have strong knowledge and experience with algorithms, object-oriented design, architecture and integration patterns. Solid experience working with databases such as Oracle, MySQL, Cassandra, AWS DynamoDB. Solid experience working with microservices (Spring Cloud stack, Quarkus). Has experience working with message brokers such as Apache Kafka including Kafka Connect and Kafka Streams. Has experience working with AWS/Azure cloud providers and Serverless Framework.

Work Experience

04/2023 - Present

Technical Lead (Java/Groovy), Grid Dynamics, at Sephora

Java 11/17, Spring Boot, Maven, Gradle, Netflix DGS, Docker, Azure (AKS)

Design and develop backend integration with Talon.One promo engine.

06/2022 – 10/2022

Technical Lead (NodeJS/Typescript), Grid Dynamics, at GAP

Typescript, NodeJS, NestJS, Docker, Azure (AKS, CosmosDB)

Design and develop backend for mobile applications, migrate monolith back-end from PCF Cloud to microservices on Azure.

04/2022 – 06/2022

Senior Software Engineer (Java), Grid Dynamics, at Neiman Marcus

Java 17, Docker, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Gradle, AWS (Fargate)

Design and develop tax calculation adapter for internal client web applications.

02/2021 – 03/2023

Technical Lead (NodeJS/Typescript), Grid Dynamics, at Neiman Marcus

Typescript, NodeJS, AWS (DynamoDB, SNS/SQS, Lambda, S3, API Gateway), Serverless Framework

Design and develop backend for mobile applications. Backend is based on multiple AWS Lambdas including integration with 3rd party services.

09/2019 – 01/2021

Senior Java Developer, at IT Smartflex

Java 11, Spring (Boot, Cloud (Netflix OSS), MVC, Security, Integration), Postgresql, Oracle, Kafka, Kafka Connect, Kafka Streams, Gradle, Docker, Kubernetes, Gitlab CI.

Developing telecom middleware platform for integration with external systems including payment providers, banking services, e-commerce markets, etc.

03/2018 – 10/2020

Java Developer, Grid Dynamics, at Home Depot

Java 11, Spring, Quarkus, CDI, Docker, testcontainers, Kafka, ActiveMQ, JUnit 5, Mockito, Hamcrest, JavaRx 2.0, Cucumber

Developing configuration client and server for automation property reload.Configuration client is a set of jar libraries including core part and several adapters for the most famous frameworks such as Spring, Quarkus and CDI that enables property refresh and bean reload without application restart.

07/2016 – 03/2018

Java Developer, Grid Dynamics, at Macys

Java 8, EJB, Oracle, Tibco JMS, Mockito, JUnit, Docker, Hibernate, SoapUI

Developing e-price management systems. The E-price system manages price updates for common products in store. Based on microservice communication and integration with external systems.

07/2016 – 03/2017

Java Developer, Grid Dynamics, at Macys

Java 7, Java 8, EJB, Spring, Spring Batch, Cassandra, DB2, Mockito, JUnit, Docker, Oracle, Hibernate, SoapUI

Developing warehouse controlling and management systems. Fast Common Catalog(FCC) creates a working re-architecture of the non-transactional catalog datastores (both database and associated caches) used by websites.

01/2016 – 07/2016

Java Developer, Futuremove Telematics, China

Java 8, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Hibernate, MyBatis, JUnit, Mockito

Developing a user management module as a part of a vehicle control system.

08/2014 – 01/2016

Java Developer, Jilin Institute of Comics and Animation, China

Java 8, JavaCV, JavaFX

Developing face detection and recognition system that picks up face image according to plugged in stereo camera, performs face detection on obtained image and generates special metrics for further processing.

5/2014 – 8/2014

C/C++ Developer, Dirui Ltd., China

C/C++, Std, MFC, MySQL

Developing blood analyzing systems.


2012 - 2015

PhD in Computer Science

Changchun University of Science and Technologies, China

2011 - 2012

Chinese language courses

Changchun University of Science and Technologies, China

HSK 4 certificate in chinese language

2010 - 2011

MA in Electronic Systems

Sumy State University, Ukraine

2006 - 2010

BA in Electronic Systems

Sumy State University, Ukraine



HSK 4 certificate in chinese language


Java 8 Oracle Certified Associate certificate


MongoDB University certificate (MongoDB for Java developers)


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner